March 16, 2011

Wonderful and Different

Beige safari short sleeve jacket, neutral t-shirt, denim mini skirt, A. Marinelli printed sandals(again), tribal orange necklace(again) and yellow bag(again)

I told you! I wore this necklace a few times this week, just like my bag and my sandals, its just that you wouldnt belive how hot this coutry is and its not even summer yet!:S Sometimes i wish i could live in a cold coutry for a few years. Anyway, at first i dindt want to upload this pictures, i thought the outfit didnt worth it, but i remember how much i love wearing it that they, its priceless to feel confortable as i felt that day. Hope you like it!


Thereza Rebouças said...

hey! nice colours!!


ChanelAfterCoco said...

I love the t-shirt & necklace ;)

MsNana_ said...

that t-shirt looks great
i want one

Pattieta said...

you look so fun! very summer-y :) and those shades, i love!!


♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

This is a cute outfit, I looove your graphic top <333
You're pretty, ^^

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