May 16, 2011

Video of The Week!

Pablo Cavallo "Asesinos"

I am sooo in love with this song, i know it's in spanish but i really think you should listen to it, the name would be murders in inglish. Give it a try!

May 13, 2011

Shatter Nail Polish

I think you all know by now that Blogger is having problems and yestarday´s post has been deleted along with  most of the comments of my Yellow! post, so i had to post this again.

Anyway, i wanted to show my new nail polish, a shatter one, wich i am obsessed with now. Have you tried them? I think they are awesome! I love the shattered look of my nails now, i feel like a kid with a new toy. The populars ones are the black ones form OPI, they come in collections like the Katy Perry one and Pirates of the Caribbean, i so want to put my hands on those but for now i have to play around with this purple one.

May 05, 2011

Teal and Gray Clouds!

Teal shirt, shorts, brown fedora and neon pink flats

I don't have to much going on in this outfit because it was about to rain the day i took this picture and i was not in the mood to go out anymore.

May 04, 2011

Red Fowers!

Caffe Swimwear flower print cover up, Levi's denim shorts, Naturano tan wedges, KB wings ring.

In my latests posts i was talking about my new two obsessions, shorts and wedges, so i tried them both in this post. Since the weather it's very weird lately, it's clody, hot and humid, i took adventage of it to wear my shorts and this lovely cover up with flower prints wich i love beacause it's very confortable, i love the shape as well, it has like a butterfly cut (as calle it); and last but not least my wedges, they are so confortable and as you can see they are not ordinary wedges, the shape it's amazing they are like art for me...Haha!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely rest of the day!!

May 03, 2011

Sky High Wedges


Charles David

Chinese Loudry

Irregular Choice

Ivanka Trump

Joe´s Jeans

Michael Antonio

N.Y.L.A. Shoes

Not Rated

Report Signature

Rock and Republic

Steve Madden

      All Images by

Hello ladies! I know i´ve been absent, it´s just that i have too much work and this weekend was the longest for me since i dint´t have to go to work yestarday. 

Anyway, do you like wedges? So do i! I think that after the flats, they are the most confortable shoes ever, besides the fact they are HIGH! They are so versatile beacause they come in a lot of shapes and you can walk all you want and never get tired.

My favs.:

April 30, 2011

Mini or Shorts?

I got this poll idea from Vogue, i liked it alot beacause i love both and sometimes i can´t decide wich i am going to wear. Both of them are very  popular in my country beacause it is really hot the whole year. 

Anyway, we have to be very carefull when we use this type of garments beacuse we could easily look ¨trashy¨. For me shorts are more ¨safe¨ beacause it doesn´t metter if you sit or there´s a strog wind you are not going to show more stuff than what you are showing already, but with skirts make us look more stylish (if you choose the right shape). So what do you think, shorts or mini?

Mini or Shorts?
Shorts free polls
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