March 22, 2011

How To Make Old Shoes Look New

Do you have some old shoes in your closet that you just don´t want to get rid of? You don´t want to wear the same shoes but you can´t afford new ones? This is simple technique i used to restore some old shoes i had in a box like for 4 months, i just wore them a few times but they got ugly with the time. So if you can do the dishes, you are ready for this.

The Old Shoes

What I Used

1. I was looking for some really nice bows but i just couldn´t find them, so i just came up with an idea, i was at the accessories store looking for a headband and i saw a very pretty one, it had a bow! So i bought 2 with the same kind of the same one. As you can see in the image the bow its not perfectly done and thats what i really liked about them.

2. The glue i used its to stick hard materials, you have to be very careful when you´re using it.


1. Remove the bows of the headband.

2. Carefully with a spatula or any flat object apread the glue in the top of the shoes, leave the glue dry for 8 or 10 minutes before sticking the bow, this way when the glue makes contact with the material it sticks harder.

3. After the 10 minutes you can finally stick the bow.

Final Result


my beautiful life* said...

woww those shoes look amazing after what you did to them ! I never thought about doing this to any of my old shoes and instead throw them out =[

Pretty Dee Dee said...

Yeah, i know, i didn´t want to throw them away but they had some scratches in the top area, so came up with this!

Young, Thrifty, & Thriving said...

Very creative! Great job on turning something old into something new! Thanks for the message on IFB...I'll be following you on Bloglovin and Google =)

Kait H. said...

what a cool idea! i'm definately gonna try that!

life full of colors said...

WOW amazing effect. Now they look much better. Great idea. greetings from Cyprus, Katerina

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