April 08, 2011

Trend: Plastic Bags

Jil Sanders

Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo

Marc Jacobs 
Michael Kors


Jimmy Choo


Well, hello there girls, it seems that this summer these little cute bags are so in, even the most famous designers are up to it; personally i love them, but the problem is that who wants to buy a plastic bag for nearly US$1,000! I bet you can find a nice one in a local store, they are not that difficult to find. Anyway, my fave it´s the Furla one, i wish i could buy that one.


Harris said...

I think the Furla bags are so cute, especially the solid colored ones. They're not that expensive either (comparitively), and Refinery29 made a good point about their ability to withstand rain this spring (as Chicago tends to experience a lot of rain all spring).

Dora said...

I love the yellow one from Jimmy Choo :)

Alex Matoshko said...

I definitely like the look of those bags. But then - everyone will know what's in my bag, including potential thieves! I got my wallet recently stolen right out of my bag (non-transparent, so I'm not so hot on the idea...


Andrea Grace said...

Love your blog! I’m following via bloglovin, if you get a chance hit me back☺

Pretty Dee Dee said...

Thak you girls for the comments!

@Harris, in this case the Furla ones are not that expensive but the Jimmy Choo are! I agree, i like the solid colors one, beacuse with the transpaarent.

@Alex i could not agree more with you, specially in my country!

Fashion Tales.... said...

I'll take that yellow Jimmy Choo! Great picks! -xxoo

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