April 30, 2011

Mini or Shorts?

I got this poll idea from Vogue, i liked it alot beacause i love both and sometimes i can´t decide wich i am going to wear. Both of them are very  popular in my country beacause it is really hot the whole year. 

Anyway, we have to be very carefull when we use this type of garments beacuse we could easily look ¨trashy¨. For me shorts are more ¨safe¨ beacause it doesn´t metter if you sit or there´s a strog wind you are not going to show more stuff than what you are showing already, but with skirts make us look more stylish (if you choose the right shape). So what do you think, shorts or mini?

Mini or Shorts?

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Love both but shorts are more cute !

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

gorgeous ... beautiful actresses :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Alex Matoshko said...

I'm all for shorts. Why? Both sexy and practical - no chance of exposing yourself accidentally :) Plus - great for the motorbike, which is the main means of transport in Athens where I live now.


Pretty Dee Dee said...

Yeas girls! I think we are in the same page, in fact i am all about shorts these days!

Hala Qayani said...

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