February 15, 2011

Flower Prints in the Summer Heat

White shirt,  flower print Gap skirt, animal print wedges shoes from Ego Vanity Store and Vintage key necklace.

Another hot day in DR, so this is what i wore to take a walk with my bf and then to the movies, cause let me tell you, im such a movie buff. Since i had to many clothes on i had to put my hair up in a bun. :D
Hope you like the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

such a pretty print! love all the neutrals together

Marcy said...

This outfit is so cute and I love the shoes!!


Charlie said...

Wow, how wonderful to live in the Dominican Republic.... I'm jealous :)

You look so pretty and the weather looks gorgeous xxx

Love Charlie

Pretty Dee Dee said...

Thanks girls!
@Charlie:Thank you so much, but its to hot in here like the song saids...hahaha! I wish i could live in a cold country for a while!

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