February 03, 2011

Fire Extinguisher

So this is my first post and i wanted to show a little bit of my personal style. I think is very obvious the name of this post and im not gonna lie, i kind of like the extinguisher right there.:D

I couldnt define my style, i just buy what i like, but  most of the times i buy practicle clothing, thats maybe cause i live in a third world country, they dont usually fallow trends, and its hard for girls like me who likes fashion to dress like we want cause people might look at you weird, so we have to be very brave to dress!!

This litlle island most be on of the hotest one, so you have to be aware of that before you buy a piece you like.-


6roove said...

chic! love your jacket.

Watching the waves

Anonymous said...

Be brave and dress as you like! Doesn't matter what ignorant people say, important is for you to feel good.

Pretty Dee Dee said...

Thank you girls!

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